Integrated Directory Services

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Title Integrated Directory Services
Last updated 1998-10-15
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The Integrated Directory Services (IDS) Working Group is chartered to
facilitate the integration and interoperability of current and future
directories into a unified Internet directory service. This work will
unite directories based on a heterogeneous set of directory
services protocols (X.500, WHOIS++, etc.).

In addition to specifying technical requirements for the integration,
the IDS Working Group will also contribute to the administrative and
maintenance issues of directory service offerings by publishing
guidelines on directory data integrity, maintenance, security, and
privacy and legal issues for users and administrators of directories.

The IDS Working Group will pay special attention to the creation of an
Internet White Pages Directory Service and will sponsor and track
projects to achieve this goal and specifically take steps to facilitate
wide-spread experimentation of the protocols evolving in the ASID
Working Group.

The IDS Working Group will work on applications of directory technology
and will track ongoing applications projects.  The IDS Working Group
will assume responsibility for the creation and maintenance of on-line
catalogs of directory services implementations.  These catalogs will be
periodically published as Informational RFCs.

The IDS Working Group will take up the unfinished tasks of the WHIP -
White Pages Requirements Working Group - that was constituted at the
Seattle IETF.  The WHIP Working Group set out to define the basic
requirements for a Simple Internet White Pages Service.

The IDS Working Group will liaise with the groups working on
development and deployment of the various directory service protocols.

The IDS Working Group is a combined effort of the Applications Area and
the User Services Area of the IETF.

Ongoing Activities:
  Track emerging directory service protocols in order to identify the
  need for specifying standards for interworking with other service

  Liaise with groups working on deployment and development of directory
  services to locate and fix interoperability problems.

  Identify unfilled needs of directory service offerers,
  administrators, and users.

Catalogs maintained on-line, with occasional publication as RFCs:
   RFC due   On-line version          Name
   Dec 95    Jun 95 A Catalog of WHOIS++ Implementations.
                    -- Patrick Faltstrom (first issue)
   Dec 95    Jul 95 The On-line X.500 Directory Implementations Catalog 
                    (on-line version of RFC 1632).
                    -- Chris Apple and Ken Rossen
Pilot Projects reporting to this group:

    The Long Bud Project -- Internet Pilot Project for the
    Deployment of X.500 Directory Information in Support of
    X.400 Routing (RFC 1802)
    Co-ordinator: Kevin Jordan
    Lifetime: Jan 94 - Dec 96
    The Internet Nomenclator Project
    Co-ordinator: Joann Ordille
    Lifetime: Jun 95 - Jun 97
    The Internet Whois++ Project
    Co-ordinator: Patrick Faltstrom
    Lifetime: Jun 95 - Jun 97

    The Internet X.500 (1993) Directory Project
    Co-ordinator: Vincent Berkhout
    Lifetime: Dec 95 - Dec 97
    The Schema Registry project - identifying and publishing X.500
    schema elements used on the Internet
    Co-ordinator: Sri Sataluri
    Lifetime: November 94 - Nov 96