Internet Registry Evolution

Document Charter Internet Registry Evolution WG (ire)
Title Internet Registry Evolution
Last updated 1997-01-01
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Scott Bradner
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IRE will focus on the future direction the Internet Address Registry
system should take.  There will be four major goals of IRE, namely:
- creation of a document defining the Internet address registry system
  goals, specifically what role(s) the Internet address registry
  system should be performing, can perform, and what functions are
  best performed by other bodies.
- creation of a document detailing the administrative structure of
  the Internet address registry system, including chains of delegation
  and appeal.
- creation of a document which can be used as a skeleton for future
  Internet Address Registry policies, providing background information
  to help balance the conflicting goals of allowing for growth and
  avoiding routing problems.
- creation of a document providing guidelines to Internet service
  providers regarding allocation and assignment policies and the
  implication of registry allocation policies with respect to service
  provider address assignments.
IRE, having a focus specifically on Internet addresses, is explicitly
NOT exploring, developing, and/or analyzing domain name registry
developments or evolution,
It is expected that all four objectives of the IRE working group will
result in documents which will be used in the operational functions of
the Internet Registry system.