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IS-IS for IP Internets

Document Charter IS-IS for IP Internets WG (isis)
Title IS-IS for IP Internets
Last updated 1998-11-06
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Alia Atlas
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IS-IS is an IGP specified and standarized by ISO and incorporating 
  extensions to support IP. It has been deployed successfully in the 
  Internet for several years years. The IS-IS Working Group is chartered 
  to document current protocol implementation practices and 
  as well as to propose further extensions to be used within the scope 
  IS-IS and IP routing. Short term, the WG is expected to deliver a set 
  documents describing common implementation practices and extensions 
  necessary to scale the protocol. These specifications will encourage 
  multiple, inter-operable vendor implementations.
  This working group will interact with other standards bodies that have
  responsibility for standardizing IS-IS.
  The status of the WG documents maintained by the WG chairs can be