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IAB Wireless Workshop

Document Charter IAB Wireless Workshop WG (iww) Snapshot
Title IAB Wireless Workshop
Last updated 2003-12-10
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Stephen J. Coya
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Wireless technology, including wireless LANs, data transfer over 
cellular radio (GSM, 3GPP, etc), and mobile operations from aircraft 
near earth spacecraft are becoming increasingly important. Some market 
projections suggest that a mobile Internet in parallel with or 
augmenting the wired Internet may be comparable in size to the wired 
Internet as early as 2003.

The wireless operators have not, however, chosen to use IP4, TCP, full
HTTP/HTML, and other applications for a variety of reasons. These 
to edge device cost, bandwidth limitations, perceived protocol 
imperfections, unnecessary complexities, the chattiness of the 
application protocols, and network layer addressing issues. 
Unfortunately, this creates some serious issues at the wired/wireless 
demarcation: end to end operation is sacrificed, security is 
compromised, and automated content modification in some form becomes 
necessary. The IAB considers these to be serious fundamental issues, 
which will in time be a serious impediment to the usability of the 
combined Internet if not addressed.

The IAB, on Feb 29-March 2, held an invitational workshop, hosted by 
Hinden at Nokia. The workshop was to discuss this, determine what the
legitimate issues are, and make recommendations to the wireless 
operators, IRTF, and IETF on the architectural road map for the next 
years. The fundamental question addressed is "what are the issues, and 
what really needs to be done to unify the Internet below the 
layer." Applications will also need to be addressed, but were perceived 
to be more than could be usefully discussed in a three-day workshop, 
probably require different expertise.

The intent of this BOF is to present a preliminary report on the 
results, and discuss that report.