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Lightweight Reachability softWires

Document Charter Lightweight Reachability softWires WG (lrw)
Title Lightweight Reachability softWires
Last updated 2011-02-25
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD Jari Arkko
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The LRW (Lightweight Reachability softWires) BOF is to discuss the 
problem space of: discovery, control and encapsulation methods for 
connecting IPv4 networks across IPv6 networks and IPv6 networks across 
IPv4 networks. Due to the fact that some networks are mandated that 
certain network functions must be IPv4 or IPv6 (e.g. due to financial 
or political reasons); dynamic tunnels or 'softwires' are suited for 
the inter-networking job.  The goal of the BOF is to form the LRW WG 
that will work on these issues.