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MBONE Deployment

Document Charter MBONE Deployment WG (mboned)
Title MBONE Deployment
Last updated 2018-01-30
State Approved
WG State Active
IESG Responsible AD Warren "Ace" Kumari
Charter edit AD Warren "Ace" Kumari
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The MBONE Deployment Working Group is a forum for coordinating the
deployment, engineering, and operation of multicast routing protocols
and procedures in the global Internet, inter-domain and single domain.
This activity will include, but not be limited to:

  • Document deployment of multicast routing in the global Internet.

  • Receive regular reports on the current state of the deployment of
    multicast technology. Create "practice and experience" documents that
    capture the experience of those who have deployed and are deploying
    various multicast technologies.

  • Based on reports and other information, provide feedback to other
    relevant working groups.

  • Develop mechanisms and procedures for sharing operational information
    to aid in operation of the multicast backbones and interconnects.

  • Analyze the need for IPv4 - IPv6 multicast transition solutions

  • Develop tools, extend protocols and provide operational and
    implementation advice that assists in multicast administration,
    diagnostics, troubleshooting and deployment between/within native and
    non-native environments.

  • Development of routing and group membership protocols is out of scope.
    This working group may develop requirements and assist in review and
    feedback of documents in other working groups responsible for such