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Message Organization

Document Charter Message Organization WG (morg)
Title Message Organization
Last updated 2011-03-21
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The IETF Message Organization extensions Working Group will work on IMAP
  extensions that improve clients' ability to find messages or groups of
  messages in an IMAP mailstore. As a secondary goal, the WG will design
  its extensions so as to minimize client/server round trips and bandwidth
  In particular the Working Group is chartered to finalize and publish the
  following IMAP extensions as proposed standards:
  (a) A SORT extension specifying new sort criteria for header fields
  containing email addresses. This extension will be based on
  (b) A SEARCH extension specifying new search criteria for header fields
  containing email addresses.
  (c) A LIST extension for returning STATUS information in LIST responses.
  This extension will be based on
  (d) An extension that formalizes a way to return message counters by
  message context using STATUS and SEARCH commands.
  (e) An extension that specifies Internet-search-engine-like searching.
  Such searches would be more flexible (and less formally defined) than
  substring-based searches, and may return their results in a significant
  order. They may include "relevance" scores or similar information that
  could be useful to the user.
  (f) New collation algorithms such as "ignore whitespace" and "numeric,
  ignoring punctuation". The WG group will determine which collations are
  needed, taking into consideration the needs of the protocols that use
  the collation framework.
  (g) An extension that allows searching for messages within a message
  thread. This extension will be based on
  (h) An extension that allows searching of multiple mailboxes at the same
  time (based on draft-melnikov-imapext-multimailbox-search-03.txt), or of
  multiple mailbox views. The WG will determine which approach (mailboxes
  or views) is more suitable as part of its work.
  Additional documents may be added this list, but only via a charter
  revision. There must also be demonstrable willingness in the IMAP
  development community to actually implement a given extension before it
  can be added to this charter.
  Revising or replacing the base IMAP4rev1 specification (RFC 3501) is out
  of the scope of this WG. This WG will ensure that all extensions it
  proposes take into account any existing problems in the base
  specification of IMAP, and do not make them worse nor make the problems
  harder to address in the future.