Multiprotocol Transport

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Title Multiprotocol Transport
Last updated 1997-01-01
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Abstract 10/19/94 mw
MPTN is an architecture that permits applications to run over
transport networks that are not native to the applications programming 
interface they use.  For example, FTP and Telnet are sockets 
applications that expect to use a TCP/IP but MPTN would allow those
applications to run unchanged over an SNA network (delivered product
today).  Or, one could run CICS applications or SNA displays/printers
(or 3270 emulators) over a TCP/IP network.  The key aspects of MPTN are 
that the applications are full function and completely unchanged.  One 
can even use MPTN gateways to let SNA (or other type) applications
communicate across any combination of SNA, TCP, or other networks,
where the end systems can be in different network types.  MPTN is a 
software only solution that allows customers to reduce the number of
logical network transports in their enterprise and therefore reduce
operational costs, and/or add new applications without having to build
a parallel network or add new hardware boxes or telco lines.