Multicast Source Discovery Protocol

Document Charter Multicast Source Discovery Protocol WG (msdp)
Title Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
Last updated 2004-01-15
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The MSDP working group will be charged with standardizing MSDP, the 
Multicast Source Discovery Protocol. MSDP is a near-term solution for 
connecting shared trees without the need for inter-domain shared trees 
(it is envisioned that the Border Gateway Multicast Protocol, BGMP, is 
the long term solution). MSDP is applicable to shared tree protocols 
such as PIM-SM and CBT, as well as other protocols that keep active 
source information at the borders (e.g., MOSPF or PIM-DM with DWRs). 
This working group will interact closely with both MBONED where 
operational issues arise, and IDMR where necessary for protocol issues.

Finally, it is envisioned that this working group will have a fairly 
short live span.