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Protected Entertainment Rights Management

Document Charter Protected Entertainment Rights Management WG (perm)
Title Protected Entertainment Rights Management
Last updated 2005-05-11
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The primary purpose of this proposed working group is to develop the
PERM protocol. The PERM protocol provides secure management of usage
rights for digital entertainment content. PERM is not intended to
replace existing television conditional access systems or device
content protection mechanisms. Rather, it is intended to complement
such systems by providing authenticated signaling of usage-rights for
content works that have usage rights associated with them. PERM
signaling operates across heterogeneous data networks, particularly
home networks, and uses Internet standards where appropriate.

The PERM Working Group will identify existing Internet standards-track
documents suitable for supporting PERM signaling and security needs.
This investigation will be documented in a "PERM Framework"
Informational-track document. Following the framework document, one or
more PERM specifications will be published as standards-track
documents. It is entirely possible that the current PERM specification
will be edited by the working group and published with modest changes.
It is the task of the PERM working group, however, to ensure that the
PERM protocol is integrity-protected, optionally private, and safe to
use on both unicast and multicast networks. The PERM working group
will ensure PERM compatibility with the authorization, credential, and
public-key standards published by the IETF.