UniDirectional Link Routing

Document Charter UniDirectional Link Routing WG (udlr)
Title UniDirectional Link Routing
Last updated 2003-12-03
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The UDLR working group issued the RFC 3077 in March 2001. This RFC
describes a link-layer tunneling mechanism (LLTM) for supporting
unidirectional links (UDL) in the Internet.

During the design of this mechanism by the UDLR working group, several
implementations evolved. These implementations are fully interoperable
and are currently being used in several operational environments.

As of the publication of RFC 3077, the working group has decided to
further their work by issuing the following objectives:

1. Produce informational rfc's that describe in detail the requirements
   of example case study scenarios as listed below. Note that these
   scenarios relate to field experiments that are being undertaken 
   based on the LLTM mechanism:

   a) configuration of multicast routing protocols over a 
      unidirectional link

   b) configuration of unicast routing protocols over a unidirectional

   c) securing operation of a UDLR network

2. Identify security holes

3. Push the current document (RFC 3077) status to Draft Standard.