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Document Charter 100VG-AnyLAN MIB WG (vgmib)
Title 100VG-AnyLAN MIB
Last updated 1998-01-26
State Approved
WG State Concluded
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The 100VG-AnyLAN MIB Working Group is chartered to develop a set of
managed objects for IEEE 802.12 network interfaces and repeaters.
These objects will be the minimum necessary to provide the ability to
monitor and control these network interfaces and repeaters, and will be
consistent with the SNMP framework and existing SNMP standards.

The working group will consider as an important input Section 13 (Layer
Management Functions and Services), and Annex E (GDMO Specifications
for Demand Priority Managed Objects) in the current IEEE 802.12 Draft,
and will monitor and track the progress of that draft as it moves
toward IEEE standardization. Furthermore, the working group will follow
the guidelines in the SNMPv2 SMI for mapping GDMO managed objects for
use with the Internet Network Management Framework. In addition, the
working group will solicit vendor-specific MIB modules to use as input
to the working group.

This working group will produce two documents:

 Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.12 Interfaces

 Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.12 Repeater Devices

For the repeater portion of the MIB, the working group will make sure
that its work is aligned with the 802.3 Repeater MIB Working Group to
ensure that the two working groups produce a consistent framework for
the management of repeater devices. As a result, development of the
repeater portion of the MIB will be done concurrently with, but
independently from, the interfaces portion of the MIB. Furthermore, the
goals and milestones associated with the repeater portion of the MIB
are dependent upon the goals and milestones of the 802.3 Repeater MIB
Working Group.