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Whois and Network Information Lookup Service

Document Charter Whois and Network Information Lookup Service WG (wnils)
Title Whois and Network Information Lookup Service
Last updated 1996-02-20
State Approved
WG State Concluded
IESG Responsible AD April Marine
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The Network Information Center maintains the central ``NICNAME''
database and server, defined in RFC 954, providing on-line look-up of
individuals, network organizations, key nodes, and other information
of interest to those who use the Internet. Other distributed
directory information servers and information retrieval tools have
been developed and it is anticipated more will be created. Many sites
now maintain local directory servers with information about
individuals, departments and services at that specific site.
Typically these directory servers are network accessible. Because
these servers are local, there are now wide variations in the type of
data stored, access methods, search schemes, and user interfaces. The
purpose of the Whois and Network Information Lookup Service (WNILS)
Working Group is to expand and define the standard for WHOIS services,
to resolve issues associated with the variations in access and to
promote a consistent and predictable service across the network.