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IETF conflict review for draft-hoffine-already-dotless

The information below is for an old version of the document.
Document Proposed conflict review draft-hoffine-already-dotless-05 ISE stream Snapshot
Last updated 2013-10-07
State IESG Evaluation
IESG Responsible AD Joel Jaeggli
Send notices to "Nevil Brownlee" <>,
The IESG has concluded that there is no conflict between this document and IETF

Additionally, the IESG requests the following note be added to the document if
it is published:

The IAB has stated that dotless domains are considered harmful.

There is IETF  consensus on the the expected behavior of resolvers, inclusive
of queries to the  root zone. The IAB  cites standards track documents
including RFC 1034 RFC 1123 RFC 3397 and RFC 3646 in support of their position.

The author of  hoffine-already-dotless-01 chose not take a position as to
whether they are harmful or not, however the IESG believes that TLD operators
who currently publish dotless domain records should remove them.