IETF conflict review for draft-mcgrew-hash-sigs

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 00 and is now closed.

Ballot question: "Is this the correct conflict review response?"

(Ben Campbell) Yes

(Eric Rescorla) Yes

Deborah Brungard No Objection

Alissa Cooper No Objection

(Spencer Dawkins) No Objection

Benjamin Kaduk No Objection

Comment (2019-01-10)
I think this is also related to SUIT work and maybe some other work that is escaping me at the moment.

(Mirja K├╝hlewind) No Objection

Alvaro Retana No Objection

(Adam Roach) No Objection

Martin Vigoureux No Objection

(Alexey Melnikov) Recuse

Comment (2019-01-08)
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I am recusing as I am CFRG co-chair, but I also think this document is a good idea :-).