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Shepherd writeup

RFC4858-style writeup for draft-alakuijala-brotli-08

Title: "Brotli Compressed Data Format"

Document Shepherd:  Nevil Brownlee (Independent SUbmissions Editor)

Intent (Abstract):
  "This specification defines a lossless compressed data format that
   compresses data using a combination of the LZ77 algorithm and Huffman
   coding, with efficiency comparable to the best currently available
   general-purpose compression methods."

Intended RFC Status:  Informational

  The brotli draft's authors, Zoltan Szabadka and Jyrki Alakuijala,
  submitted it to the Independent Stream in April 2014.  It took me
  rather a long time to find suitable reviewers for a new compression
  technique, and that wasn't helped by its authors not prodding me
  until February this year.  However, I finally got a brief review
  of it from Ulrich Speidel(U Auckland, a coding throry researcher),
  and a more thorough review 
  from Jean-Loup Gailly (the author of gzip); I sent it to Zoltan
  on 12 February, and told him that once he's made changes in response
  to that review he shouldpublish its -09 version, then it will be
  ready for an IESG Conflict Review.  In other words, it was now ready
  for publication in the Independent Stream.

  On 11 March 2016 Mark Nottingham emailed me to say that W3C would
  like to see it published, however it requests IANA to assign an
  HTTP Content Coding, but that Registry requires IETF Review.  To
  makwe that happen, Barry Leiba has agreed to sponsor it as as
  Individual draft; we've moved it into the IETF Stream.

  There is one IPR decalaration on Tracker for this, it was made by
  Jyrki Alakuijal (one of its authors): Google holds a patent for it.

Other Points:
  This draft has IANA Considerations, as pointed out above.
  It is rather long - 120 pages, but 80 of those pages are in Appendix
  A, "Static dictionary data", and will not need editing!