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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-behringer-ncrg-complexity-framework-02

  "Complexity is a widely used parameter in network design, yet there is
   no generally accepted definition of the term.  Complexity metrics
   exist in a wide range of research papers, but most of these address
   only a particular aspect of a network, for example the complexity of
   a graph or software.  While it may be impossible to define a metric
   for overall network complexity, there is a desire to better
   understand the complexity of a network as a whole, as deployed today
   to provide Internet services.  This document provides a framework to
   guide research on the topic of network complexity, as well as some
   practical examples for trade-offs in networking.

   This document summarizes the work of the IRTF's Network Complexity
   Research Group (NCRG) at the time of its closure.  It does not
   present final results, but a snapshot of an ongoing activity, as a
   basis for future work."

It was reviewed for me by Sheng Jiang, Rana Sircar and Philip Eardly;
its authors have made the changes discussed between them.

This draft has no IANA Considerations (indeed, no IANA Considerations

It documents the work of an IRTF RG, but was submitted to the Independent
Stream becuase that RG was closed.

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