Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-boucadair-connectivity-provisioning-profile-03

  "This document describes the Connectivity Provisioning Profile (CPP)
   and proposes a CPP Template to capture IP connectivity requirements
   to be met within a service delivery context (e.g., Voice over IP or
   IP TV).  The CPP defines the set of IP transfer parameters to be
   supported by the underlying transport network together with a
   reachability scope and bandwidth/capacity needs.  Appropriate
   performance metrics such as one-way delay or one-way delay variation
   are used to characterize an IP transfer service.  Both global and
   restricted reachability scopes can be captured in the CPP.

   Such a generic CPP template is meant to (1) facilitate the automation
   of the service negotiation and activation procedures, thus
   accelerating service provisioning, (2) set (traffic) objectives of
   Traffic Engineering functions and service management functions and
   (3) improve service and network management systems with 'decision-
   making' capabilities based upon negotiated/offered CPPs."

It was reviewed for me by Geoff Huston, who pointed out that each
provider probably has a different approach to connectivity provisioning.
Nonethelress, this draft seems useful as an example of current practice.
The draft author published a new version in response to the reviewers 

This draft has no IANA Considerations.

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