Shepherd writeup

draft-browne-sfc-nsh-kpi-stamp is presented for publication as an Experimental RFC in the Independent Submissions Stream

The draft was presented in the SFC WG in IETF 97 and was discussed briefly on the SFC mailing list. 

While there was some interest in the work, there was not enough energy in the WG to pursue the idea, and while the topic was within scope for the WG it is not central to the WG's charter.  Thus it was not adopted for further WG action.

The authors, however, felt that there was still some value in publishing the experiment for future research. 

The draft was run past Joel Halpern (SFC WG chair) who had no objections to publication in the Independent Stream.

The document had a very thorough review from Med Boucadair and was updated accordingly after a lot of discussion with the authors.

The ISE performed a final review and worked with the authors to fix issues around Experimental codepoint usage.

There is a nit in the references that will be resolved as the document progresses.