Special-Use Domain Names

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I expected the document to seed the registry with entries (at a minimum) for the special domain names identified in the introduction:

   Analogous to Special-Use IPv4 Addresses [RFC5735], DNS has its own
   concept of reserved names, such as "example.com", "example.net", and
   "example.org", or any name falling under the top level pseudo-domain
   "invalid" [RFC2606].

Without those entries (or a plan to create those entries), I don't quite see that this document accomplishes anything.
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last sentence of section 2: "reservation of a Special-Use Domain Names" - s/Names/Name/

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Thanks for this effort - I expect this registry (as long as its registration policy is Standards Action) to be a very useful tool.

Will you be updating draft-cheshire-dnsext-multicastdns to explicitly request registration of .local (pointing to section 23 of that draft?)

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I agree with a comment that this document should register existing special names in the registry, or make a more compelling argument about why the registry is needed.

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Although I do not object to publication of this document, I agree that it would be preferable for this document to seed the registry with initial registrations.

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