Cisco Service-Level Assurance Protocol

Approval announcement
Draft of message to be sent after approval:

Technical Summary

   Cisco's Service Level Assurance Protocol is a protocol that has been
   widely deployed.  The protocol is used to measure service level
   parameters such as network latency, delay variation, and packet/frame
   loss.  This draft describes the protocol.

Working Group Summary

  This document is an independent submission undergoing 
  RFC 5742 review.


   Wes Eddy ( is the AD managing the 5472 review.


  The following comments are offered as comments that the ISE and authors
  might want to take into account.

  In reviewing this document, IANA also raised a number of questions:

  1. In the Version Number Registry, it says "Version for protocol in this document"
   for version 2. This should be replaced by what it should actually say in the registry.

  2. There are a few ranges in the proposed registries that say "2048+" for example.
  Does this mean that there are an infinite amount of numbers?

  3. There are no registration procedures defined in this document. Each registry
  needs defined registration procedures so that we know what process to follow.

  4. What is the expected load for this registry? As this is not an IETF created
  registry, we would like to anticipate the load on IANA resources.