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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Barry Leiba is the document shepherd and the responsible Area Director.

This document describes the typical processes that working groups use to
"adopt" documents as working group drafts.  As it's describing an
informal process, for information and informal guidance to the
community, it is Informational (not BCP).

2. Review and Consensus

There was some discussion of the document on the IETF discussion list
for a few days in May and June, about 35 messages mostly under the
subject line "When to adopt a WG I-D".  The main substantive discussion
was with respect to "adoption" not being a formal part of the process,
and making sure that the document doesn't make it sound like it is. 
There's some concern that even having it document might be problematic. 
"Is this defining process?"  "Should this be an RFC, or done another way
(wiki, tutorial)?"  Apart from that, the comments were positive,
favouring the document and making suggestions.  There were a reasonable
number of participants commenting.  There was only moderate discussion
during last call, leading to a few editorial changes.

3. Intellectual Property

The authors are aware of their responsibilities under BCP 79, and they
have conformed to them.  There are no IPR statements filed related to
this document.

4. Other Points