Shepherd writeup

The document shepherd is Todd Herr. The responsible Area Director is Barry Leiba.

This document defines a facility for the reader of an Internet Mail message to provide a summary reaction to the message in a form similar to that used for social media. More specifically, it proposes a new MIME Content-Disposition, to be used in conjunction with the In-Reply-To field, to indicate that a part of a message containing one or more emojis be treated as a summary reaction to the previous message.

Review and Consensus
Implementation of the new Content-Disposition is straightforward for MTAs. The document rightly declares details for handling it to be specific to each MUA and therefore beyond the scope of this specification. Discussion of the document took place on the ietf-822 mailing list in the autumn of 2020, and was limited to a handful of threads, each initiated by the publication of a new version of the document. There was no difficulty in coming to consensus.

Intellectual Property
The authors have confirmed conformance with BCP 78/79. There are no IPR disclosures in the document.

Other Points
There are normative references to the following documents:
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