Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-deng-pcp-ddns-06

  "This document focuses on the problems encountered when using dynamic
   DNS in address sharing contexts (e.g., DS-Lite, NAT64) during IPv6
   transition.  Both issues and possible solutions are documented in
   this memo."

The draft propose a DDNS solution for the scenario where CGN (Carrier
Grade NAT) is deployed in an operator's network, when a traditional 
solution will not work.  The intended audience of the draft includes 
DDNS operators, DNS operators, CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) vendors,

This document was presented in the pcp WG and then in dnsops,
it was not taken up as a dnsops work item.

It was reviewed for me by Joe Abley, the authors
have improved the document following his suggestions.

The document has no IANA Considerations.

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