Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-dthakore-tls-authz-07


  "This document specifies the use of Digital Transmission Content
   Protection (DTCP) certificates as an authorization data type in the
   authorization extension for the Transport Layer Security (TLS)
   Protocol.  This is in accordance with the guidelines for
   authorization extensions as specified in [RFC5878].  As with other
   TLS extensions, this authorization data can be included in the client
   and server Hello messages to confirm that both parties support the
   desired authorization data types.  If supported by both the client
   and the server, DTCP certificates are exchanged in the supplemental
   data TLS handshake message as specified in RFC4680.  This
   authorization data type extension is in support of devices containing
   DTCP certificates, issued by the Digital Transmission Licensing
   Administrator [DTLA]."

It was submitted to me by Darshak Thakore

I asked IANA for an early review, they asked Eric Resorla, the
Expert Reviewer involved.  Eric sent us a review, Darshak has 
published a new version in response.  We've asked Eric to check
that this version answers his concerns, but have had no response
from him for many months.  

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