Shepherd writeup

Shepherd writeup for draft-faltstrom-uri

1. Summary

Paul Hoffman is the document shepherd, and Pete Resnick is the responsible Area Director.

This document defines a new DNS resource record type for publishing mappings from hostnames to URIs.
In addtion, the document updates RFCs 3404 and 3958, which relate to the Dynamic Delegation
Discovery System (DDDS). The new resource record has a simple resource record data format which has
a numeric priority, numeric weight, and a target URI/IRI.

2. Review and Consensus

The document was discussed briefly in the Apps Area WG and the DNSOP WG, and the now-closed DNSEXT
WG, with no significant objections. The registration for the new resource record type was already
approved by the expert reviewer a few years ago.

During IETF Last Call, some commenters wanted the Security Considerations section beefed up to indicate
problems with using the URI with security-aware protocols that expected to match the host name with the one
extracted from the URI in the new type. Also, there were questions about the need to update the definitions
for NAPTR records. The authors dealt with both of these issues in the -12 version of the draft.

3. Intellectual Property

Both authors have stated that they do not know of any relevant IPR for this document.

4. Other Points

The draft is pretty simple, and has been rolling around for many years with only minor
modifications. It is already implemented in some widely-used DNS software.