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Shepherd writeup

draft-farinacci-lisp-lispers-net-nat-06 has been presented to the ISE for
publication as an Informational RFC on the Independent Stream.


This draft specifies the LISPERS.NET implementation of LISP with NAT

== History==

See Section 1 of the memo.  There is a lengthy history of this work
which has been bouncing around since 2014.  It has gone through some
evolution recently to make use of an RLOC-name
[draft-ietf-lisp-name-encoding].  This is intended to address the code
squatting issue we discussed in Prague.

The hope was that draft-ermagen-lisp-nat-traversal would progress, but
thus far it has not done so.  The ISE is aware that NAT traversal is
within the charter of the LISP group, but he is not aware of any
active drafts.

For this draft, if there are IESG concerns about publshing, the ISE
would ask if there are specific textual changes that would ameliorate
those concerns.

==Non-IETF Work==

The LISPERS.NET implementation is non-IETF work.

==Security Considerations==

See Section 11 of the memo.


The document makes no request for IANA action.


This document was reviewed in detail by Luigi Ianonne and Joel