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Shepherd writeup

ISE write-up for: draft-fox-tcpm-shared-memory-rdma-06

  "This document describes the Shared Memory Communications over RDMA
   (SMC-R) protocol.  This protocol provides RDMA communications to TCP
   endpoints in a manner that is transparent to socket applications.  It
   further provides for dynamic discovery of partner RDMA capabilities
   and dynamic setup of RDMA connections, transparent high availability
   and load balancing when redundant RDMA network paths are available,
   and it maintains many of the traditional TCP/IP qualities of service
   such as filtering that enterprise users demand, as well as TCP socket
   semantics such as urgent data."

This draft was reviewed for me by Fred Baker and Allyn Romanov.
It documents a deployed protocol, in sufficient detail for others
to implemnt and use it.

This draft has IANA Considerations; it uses experimental TCP options
following the conventions of RFC 6994 .

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