A set-key attribute for symmetric-key packages

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     Technical Summary

A set-key is a symmetric key (or set of keys) associated with an 
immutable set of participants.  This document defines a set-key 
attribute for use in the CMS-based symmetric-key package structure 
defined in in RFC 6031.

     Working Group Summary

As noted earlier, this draft is not the product of a WG, , but it was 
forwarded to both the KEYPROV and SMIME WGs for review and comment.  It 
was discussed on the SMIME WG list.  Comments were received from Jim 
Shaad. Off-list comments were received from Russ Housley and Sean Turner.

The comments concerned the methodology of organizing the sets.

     Document Quality

There are no known implementations of this document.


Jonathan Herzog <jherzog@ll.mit.edu> is the document Shepherd.
Tim Polk <tim.polk@nist.gov> is the responsible Area Director.

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