Registries for Web Authentication (WebAuthn)

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Comment (2020-05-20 for -08)
s/IANA will direct any incoming requests/IANA will direct anyone making incoming requests/

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Comment (2020-05-19 for -07)
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Thanks for this document to enable work in W3C.

To echo what Murray already noted, Per Section 2, why the specific URL for the IANA registry?

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Comment (2020-05-19 for -08)
Thanks for the BCP 14 fix.

Looks like these haven't been answered, so I'm leaving them open for possible follow-up:

Section 2:
* Is there a compelling reason to force a particular URL onto IANA?

Section 2.1:
* "Attestation statement format identifiers are case sensitive.  Attestation statement format identifiers may not ... " can be simply "Attestation statement format identifiers are case sensitive and may not ..."

Section 2.1.1:
* The list of field names in this section and in 2.2.1 are hanging and not really separated from their definitions.  I suggest putting back the "o" bullets and following the names by colons, just to make it clear.

Barry Leiba No Objection

Comment (2020-05-19 for -08)
For both registries, you say, “The expert(s) will clearly identify any issues which cause a registration to be refused.”  You don’t, however, give any guidance about what such issues might be, and it would be useful to give some — consider a time in the future when there are new experts who were not around when this stuff was set up.  This is not a DISCUSS, so if you really have nothing to say I won’t block on it.  But please do consider whether there’s any useful advice to give about what issues might be appropriate “no” material... and that issues explicitly might not.

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Comment (2020-06-02)
Thanks for addressing my issue.

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Comment (2020-05-18 for -07)
Looks fine to me, but I'm not really an expert on IANA sections yet ...

My only comment is that I also found "USASCII" strange, and probably "ASCII" (listed here might be better.