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Shepherd writeup


The document shepherd is Matthew Miller.  The responsible Area Director is
Alexey Melnikov.

This document defines a mapping of DNS messages into JSON; it allows for
conversion to and from the DNS binary message format.  It defines the expected
JSON syntax for the common properties within a DNS message, a mechanism for
encoding binary data without representation, and a common mechanism to specify
a query/response pair.  The data format allows for future extensibility, such
as additional type-specific values.


This document received reviews from those versed in the DNS and applications
with little controversy.  There have been some comments made on its generic
nature; the document explicitly states it provides a mapping without opinions,
and applications of this data format are allowed and encouraged to constrain it
for their needs.


The reference to RFC 7159 is now obsoleted by RFC 8259, but there are no issues
with updating this reference.

This document contains a number of references to expired internet-drafts.  Such
references are purely informational, and provide some additional context and
insights into the development of this document.


This document registers a new media type of "application/dns+json"; it is clear
and meets the requirements from RFC 6838.  As this document is only expressing
already existing DNS parameters into a new format, no other actions by IANA are


The author has confirmed their adherence to BCP 78/79; there are no IPR
disclosures currently on this document, and the author has indicated they are
not aware of any such claims that can be made.