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Shepherd writeup

1.  Summary

The document shepherd is Richard Wilhelm.  The responsible Area Director is
Alexey Melnikov.

The document defines extensions to the vCard data format for representing and
exchanging contact information used to implement the Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) operational profile for the Registration
Data Access Protocol (RDAP).  The property and parameter defined here are used
to add values to RDAP responses that are consistent with ICANN policies.

2.  Review and Consensus

The extensions to the vcard Data format, both the property and the parameter,
were the topic of discussion on the ICANN RDAP Pilot Working Group mailing list
and on regularly scheduled teleconferences of ICANN RDAP Pilot Working Group
members.  The topic was available for discussion at face-to-face meetings of
the ICANN RDAP Pilot Working Group, but did not merit material discussion.

There was consistent and broad consensus among the RDAP Pilot Working Group to
make the changes described in the document.

While these discussions were not part of the IETF REGEXT Working Group, there
was considerable overlap between members of the RDAP Pilot Working Group and
the REGEXT Working Group throughout the period of these discussions.

3.  Intellectual Property

The author has confirmed conformance with BCP 78/79.  There are no IPR
disclosures on the document.

4.  Other Points

As RDAP implementations evolve and ICANN policies evolve, the RDAP community
expects a period of transition that may result in other vCard extensions of a
similar sort.