Considerations on the IPv6 Host Density Metric

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 02 and is now closed.

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Comment (2006-06-20)
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Gen-ART comments from Gonzalo Camarillo:

The draft lacks an IANA Considerations Section.

[An id-nits violation, but no IANA actions are required in this case. - BC]

In the text, Appendix A is sometimes referred to as 'Appendix A', and 
sometimes as 'Attachment A'. I would suggest to always use 'Appendix A'.

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Lars Eggert No Objection

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Comment (2006-06-21)
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I don't really understand how the multiple levels are created in the simulation or the justification for when they are created or why there would be up to 6 levels. That said, as long as this is all clear to the people that need to understand and use this document, I have no objections to it.

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