Email Submission Operations: Access and Accountability Requirements

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- 'Email Submission Operations: Access and Accountability Requirements '
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Technical Summary
  Email has become a popular distribution service for a variety of
socially unacceptable, mass-effect purposes. The most obvious ones include
spam and worms. This note recommends conventions for the operation of
email submission and transport services between independent operators,
suchas enterprises and Internet Service Providers. Its goal is to improve
lines of accountability for controlling abusive uses of the Internet mail
    Consequently the document offers recommendations for constructive
operational policies between independent operators of email transmission

    With the recent advent of email authentication technologies aimed at
    providing assurances and traceability between internetworked networks,
the authors recognized that the initial submission of a message became the
weakest link. Consequently, the document offers recommendations for
constructive operational policies for the first step of email sending,
the submission (or posting) of email into the transmission network.
Relaying and delivery entail policies that occur subsequent to submission
and are outside the scope of this document.
Working Group Summary
    Although formally an Independent submission, the document authors
represent extensive email technical and operations experience and have
extensively circulated successive versions of the draft among the Internet
mail technical and operations communities. The document has synthesized
that considerable body of review.
Protocol Quality
    The document has been extensively reviewed and has received positive
    feedback as being a useful contribution to the body of Internet Mail
    practices documents. It underwent two IETF Last Calls in 2005 and 2007

    and was reviewed by Bert Wijnen and Dan Romascanu for the IESG and by

    Marshall Rose and Rand Wacker for the APPS Area. 

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 They have had varying effect and vastly different impacts on users and
on the Internet mail infrastructure.


  The results have been mixed, at best.

3. Section 3.2


  The ordering of that list SHOULD try the SUBMISSION port 587 first.


  The SUBMISSION port 587 SHOULD be placed first in the list.

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  6. Consideration


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