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Shepherd writeup

This is the shepherd write-up for draft-ietf-acme-email-smime.

The shepherd is Rich Salz, who has been WG co-chair since the initial BoF.
Roman is the responsible AD. The WG is moving this forward as a informational
because, while there are many individual certificate enrollment procedures,
none use ACME for email and we are interested in seeking this taken up; this
addresses a gap. Quoting the abstract, “This document specifies identifiers and
challenges required to enable the Automated Certificate Management Environment
(ACME) to issue certificates for use by email users that want to use S/MIME.”

Review and Consensus
The document was first adopted by the WG in June 2017. It has been discussed
in-person at several IETF’s, and there has been light email discussion in the
2.75 years since. There was never any discussion about not moving this work
forward. During the meetings, and on the email list, several technical issuers
were discussed, probably around a dozen WG participants total. Some of the
discussions included “Should this just use HTML” and the interaction/dependency
on DKIM header protection. Discussion was low-key and productive and resolving
issues was non-controversial. Some participants were highly involved in
email/applications area.

intellectual Property
No disclosures, no IP concerns. Confirmed by the author.

Other points
There are no downref’s.  There are no nits. There are some IANA registry
actions, which are called out in the draft and straightforward.

There is detailed discussion of email headers; a close ART review would be