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The 'sip-trunking-capability' Link Relation Type


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# GEN AD review of draft-ietf-asap-siptrunkingcapability-link-03

CC @larseggert

Thanks to Dan Romascanu for the General Area Review Team (Gen-ART) review

## Comments

### Section 3, paragraph 4
                "href" :""
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Comment (2023-04-12 for -03) Sent

Thanks for this short document.

From reading this document, it wasn't clear to me as to what the exact relationship is between this document and I-D.ietf-asap-sip-auto-peer.  Specifically, is I-D.ietf-asap-sip-auto-peer just an example of what might be found using 'sip-trunking-capability' or is it the only capability document that would expect to be found at that location?  Based on the answer to this question, it might be helpful for the text in section 4 to be more proscriptive of the relationship, and perhaps check that the text is section 1 and 2 also describes this clearly.

In terms of document process, I was slightly surprised to see:
(a) this as Informational rather than Standards Track - I guess that Informational is sufficient, but Standards Track may have been clearer to a reader;
(b) that ietf-asap-sip-auto-peer is only an informative reference rather than a normative reference (which goes back to my original question above);
(c) this as a separate document to ietf-asap-sip-auto-peer, which also goes back to my original question above.

Comment (2023-04-12 for -03) Not sent
Thank you to Chris Wood for the SECDIR review.
Comment (2023-04-12 for -03) Sent
Thank you for writing this document.

Also thanks to Joe Clarke for his OpsDir review: , and discussions on it.
Comment (2023-04-07 for -03) Sent
Thanks for the work done in this document.

Some comments though:

1) is "an enterprise telephony SIP" defined and accepted in the SIP community ? (I refer here to "enterprise" 

2) the abstract starts with "This specification defines", is an informational document a specification ?

3) s/

Hope this helps to improve the document,