The Atom Publishing Protocol

Approval announcement
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Subject: Protocol Action: 'The Atom Publishing Protocol' to 
         Proposed Standard 

The IESG has approved the following document:

- 'The Atom Publishing Protocol '
   <draft-ietf-atompub-protocol-18.txt> as a Proposed Standard

This document is the product of the Atom Publishing Format and Protocol 
Working Group. 

The IESG contact persons are Lisa Dusseault and Alexey Melnikov.

A URL of this Internet-Draft is:

Technical Summary

The Atom Publishing Protocol HTTP-based protocol for publishing and
editing web resources, and is particularly useful for (but not limited
to) blogs. It supports ideas such as collections of multimedia items and
categorization of items. It uses the Atom format (RFC 4287) for its

Working Group Summary

The document went through many revisions and was discussed actively.

Protocol Quality

There are already many implementations of the spec from a wide variety
of vendors, and many of those have been shown to interoperate.

Lisa  Dusseault reviewed this for the IESG.