Requirements for Header Compression over MPLS

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Comment (2004-09-16)
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Reviewed by Scott Brim, Gen-ART

His review:

This draft is fine.  Please progress it.  (It took a few phone calls to
understand the context and come to that understanding.)

It could use a tiny bit of boilerplate tweaking, as do all:

  idnits 1.36 (12 Sep 2004)


    The document seems to lack an Abstract section
    Checking conformance with RFC 3667/3668 boilerplate...
    The document seems to lack an RFC 3667 Section 5.1 IPR Disclosure Acknowledgement
    -- however, there's a paragraph with a matching beginning. Boilerplate error?
    There are 3 instances of too long lines in the document,
    -- the longest one being 1 character in excess of 72.

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