Terminology for Benchmarking IPsec Devices

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- 'Terminology for Benchmarking IPsec Devices '
   <draft-ietf-bmwg-ipsec-term-12.txt> as an Informational RFC

This document is the product of the Benchmarking Methodology Working

The IESG contact persons are Ron Bonica and Dan Romascanu.

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          Technical Summary 
The BMWG produces two major classes of documents: 
  Benchmarking Terminology documents and Methodology documents.  
  The Terminology documents present the benchmarks and other related
The Methodology documents define the procedures required to collect the
benchmarks cited in the corresponding Terminology documents.

This purpose of these documents is to define terms and methods for
benchmarking the performance of IPsec devices.  It builds upon the tenets
set forth in [RFC1242], [RFC2544], [RFC2285] and other IETF Benchmarking
Methodology Working Group (BMWG) documents (used for benchmarking routers
and switches).  This document seeks to extend these efforts specific to
the IPsec paradigm.  

          Working Group Summary 
Although there were some controversial points during development, all were
resolved, and these drafts represent the consensus of the BMWG.

          Document Quality 
The Acknowledgements sections list many of the experts who reviewed thses


   Al Morton (BMWG Chair)

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