Considerations for Benchmarking Virtual Network Functions and Their Infrastructure

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Thanks for a well-written draft!

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A clear and well-written doc - thanks!

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I have a few mostly editorial comments:

- Abstract and Introduction: Missing "the" before "Benchmarking..."

-Abstract: Will the paragraph about new version history stay in the RFC?

-1: Much of this section, especially the 2nd paragraph, reads like a commercial, or a marketing white paper. I'm not going to put this in the way of publication, but an IETF RFC should generally take a more neutral tone. It's enough to acknowledge that people are doing (or plan to do) NFV.

-2: Language of the form of "BMG will consider" will quickly become dated. Consider something to the effect of "At the time of this writing, BMG is considering/plans to consider..."

Can you offer a definition or citation for "bare metal"?

"Also,  benchmarking combinations of physical and virtual devices and functions in a System Under Test.": Sentence fragment.

- 4.2, first paragraph, last sentence: Can you offer a citation for the 4x3 matrix?

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Thanks for the well written doc!

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