A YANG Data Model for Microwave Radio Link

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Deborah Brungard Yes

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Comment (2018-10-24 for -10)
Thanks for the work on this!

IDNits notes that the draft has the 2119/8174 boilerplate, but does not use normative keywords outside of the boilerplate.

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Comment (2018-11-28)
Thank you for resolving my Discuss point!

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Comment (2018-10-25 for -10)
The shepherd write-up says that there have been normative references to non-IETF docs which seem to have been removed now. I wondering is that is correct. I'm by far not an expert and didn't have time to review this doc in detail but I would think that you would need to know some details of these on-IETF specs in-order to fully understand and correctly implement this YANG model, no?

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