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Diameter Credit-Control Application

Approval announcement
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From: The IESG <>
To: IETF-Announce <>
Cc:, The IESG <>,, Jouni Korhonen <>,,,,
Subject: Protocol Action: 'Diameter Credit-Control Application' to Proposed Standard (draft-ietf-dime-rfc4006bis-11.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Diameter Credit-Control Application'
  (draft-ietf-dime-rfc4006bis-11.txt) as Proposed Standard

This document is the product of the Diameter Maintenance and Extensions
Working Group.

The IESG contact persons are Warren Kumari, Ignas Bagdonas and Ben Campbell.

A URL of this Internet Draft is:

Ballot Text

Technical Summary

   This document will obsolete RFC4006. This document specifies a Diameter application
   that can be used to implement real-time credit-control for a variety of end user services.

Working Group Summary

  WG has a solid support for this document.

Document Quality

   3GPP has adopted RFC4006 and it has been widely implemented, deployed
   and in production use basically in every cellular carrier with LTE deployment.
   The changes/updates described in this specification are not deployed but
   being one of the core Diameter specifications in 3GPP there are high probability
   it getting a wide deployment. Maintaining backward compatibility was one of the
   design guidelines. The update to RFC4006, which this document is, was  requested
   by 3GPP.
   There has not been any expert reviews of the document. 


   Jouni Korhonen ( is the document shepherd.
   Ben Campbell ( is the responsible AD.

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