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Shepherd writeup

(1) RFC is Standards Track, and this is the correct RFC type.


Technical Summary:

   This document introduces an in-band method for DNS operators to
   publish arbitrary information about the zones they are authoritative
   for, in an authenticated fashion and on a per-zone basis.  The
   mechanism allows managed DNS operators to securely announce DNSSEC
   key parameters for zones under their management, including for zones
   that are not currently securely delegated.

Working Group Summary:

The working group consensus was strong, and work was done to improve the
examples and the implementation section.

Document Quality:

Document quality is good - implemntations do exist and are documented, and
testing has been done to confirm interoperability.


Who is the Document Shepherd? Who is the Responsible Area Director?


Tim Wicinski is the Document Shepherd.

Warren Kumari is the Area Director.

(3) The Document Shepherd did a detailed review of the document
for content as well as simple editorial checks (spelling/grammar).
The shepherd feels the document is ready for publication.

(4) The Document Shepherd has no concerns on the depth or breadth of the

(5) There is no need for broader review.

(6) There are no concerns from the document shepherd.

(7) No IPR disclosures

(8) There is no IPR

(9) The WG Consensus on this document is strong.

(10) There has been no appeals.

(11) All nits found have been addressed by the authors.

(12) No formal review needed

(13) All references have been identified as normative or informative.

(14) All normative references are in a clear state

(15) There are no downward normative references

(16) Document will update RFCs 7344 and 8078 and they are listed in the
abstract and the introduction.

(17) Review of the IANA considerations is consistent with the document.

(18) No new IANA registries.

(19) N/A