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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Document Shepherd:   Suzanne Woolf
Area Director:       Joel Jaggeli

Document Type: Informational

 This draft defines an EDNS0 extension to carry information about the
 network that originated a DNS query, and the network for which the
 subsequent response can be cached.

2. Review and Consensus

This draft originally showed up in dnsext working group and was highly
criticized and eventually dropped.   Since then, dnsext closed down, the
ability to get EDNS option codes because a simple expert review process and not
Internet Standard, and the scope of this document was changed to document what
*currently* exists in the world, and how it behaves.

There are security issues with this version, as raised by various people.  They
are correct, and the intent is not to correct the security flaws with this
document, but to describe how this option behaves currently.  It is suggested a
new version will be worked on in a year which addresses the security issues,
and addresses other issues about this option.

The extensive security writeup, several notes about privacy, and a number of
implementation and operational notes included in the text were key in getting
consensus support to publish the document.

3. Intellectual Property

There is no IPR related to this document, and the authors have no direct,
personal knowledge of any IPR.

4. Other Points

- Downward References

There are no downward references in this document; and the shepherd agrees with
the references and their classification. IDnits suggests a couple of changes;
we assume they'll be made.

- IANA Considerations:

IANA has already assigned EDNS Option Code 8 for this option.