Moving DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV) to Historic Status

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Comment (2019-10-31)
Thanks for addressing my DISCUSS and COMMENT.

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Comment (2019-10-29 for -01)
** Section 1.  Is there a reference that can be cited to support the metric that 1389 of 1531 TLDs have secure delegation?

** Editorial.  From idnits: The document seems to lack a both a reference to RFC 2119 and the recommended RFC 2119 boilerplate, even if it appears to use RFC 2119 keywords.  
     RFC 2119 keyword, line 117: '...he DLV mechanism SHOULD NOT be impleme...'

** Editorial -- The Table of Contents doesn’t appear to have generated the Section-to-Page Number mapping

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Comment (2019-10-29 for -01)
Section 1

It's probably best to consistently use the past tense here.

Section 3

   Historic status.  This is a clear signal to implementers that the DLV
   resource record and the DLV mechanism SHOULD NOT be implemented or

I suppose the debate about "SHOULD NOT" vs. "MUST NOT" has already happened
and does not need to be reopened, so I'll just leave it at that.

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