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Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Document Shepherd: Tim Wicinski
Area Director: Joel Jaggeli

This document describes a technique that can improve the privacy of DNS queries
by a technique called "QNAME minimalisation" where the DNS resolver no longer
sends the full and original query name to the upstream server.

Document Type: Experimental

The document describes a method of altering the current behavior of DNS
queries. Limited tests appear that this should not break functionality, but
more deployment is needed, as well as working examples.

2. Review and Consensus

The document initially came up during some early discussions around DNS
Privacy, which later spawned the DPRIVE working group.  The behavior of
minimizing query names (or QNAMES) was not a full solution, but the Working
Group felt that the amount of work to make QNAME minimization work was small,
that it should be done.

This document was extensively commented on, discussed and approved by a wide
breath of the working group.  There was broad consensus, and their was very
little controversy.

Explain how actively the document was reviewed and discussed, by the working
group and external parties, and explain in a general sense how much of the
interested community is behind the document. Explain anything notable about the
discussion of the document.

There are no implementations, but several have been discussed.

3. Intellectual Property

There have been 2 IPR disclosures related to this document, both from the same
company. The Working Group discussed the disclosures, and since the patent
owners give a royalty-free, reasonable and non-discriminatory license to all
implementors; and this is an experimental RFC so there is still questions on
deployment; the document could move forward.

4. Other Points

Downward References:  None

IANA Considerations: None