Selecting Labels for Use with Conventional DNS and Other Resolution Systems in DNS-Based Service Discovery

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Comment (2017-05-24)
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I do have one comment, and it's only for consideration by the responsible AD.

This document is great, and the shepherd thinks it's received sufficient review for publication as Informational, but I wonder if it might 

- make sense to publish as a BCP, which would generate additional review from other communities, OR

- make sense to publish as Experimental, which might signal that this document is probably the right thing to, but the jury is still out, OR

- include "You are not expected to understand this" in the Introduction, crediting Dennis Ritchie for prior art (*)

I'm MOSTLY kidding ...


Warren Kumari Yes

Comment (2017-05-22)
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I think that this is a useful document -- I think that it would be more useful if it A: made DNS-SD be LDH only, or somehow made all DNS deployments be UTF-8 (without any sort of homograph issues), but seeing as both of these would require magic, I'm balloting Yes. :-)

2 nits:
1: ... "the so-called LDH rule" -- I think that it would be useful to expand this - the tone is introductory, and so I think helpful to new readers.
2: "cannot be used in the DNS unless they cleave to the LDH rule." - I would suggest "adhere to" or "follow" - 'cleave to', while cooler, is likely confusing to a: those who don't have English as a first language, or b: were born after 1886. :-)

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