Shepherd writeup

1. Summary


Document Shepherd:   Tim Wicinski
Area Director:       Terry Manderson

Document Type: Proposed Standard

This document describes the use of TLS to provide privacy for DNS. In addition, this document specifies two usage profiles for DNS-over-TLS and provides advice on performance considerations to minimize overhead from using TCP and TLS with DNS.

2. Review and Consensus

This document was heavily reviewed and discussed int the working group, and the community is strongly behind this document.  The authors made sure that all issues raised during the process were addressed.  Additionally, there is a complementary design moving through the working group (draft-ietf-dprive-dnsodtls), and both sets of authors worked together to ensure the issues raised between the drafts were resolved.  Both groups of authors have worked exceptionally well together.

3. Intellectual Property

There is no IPR known by the document shepherd or any of the authors.

4. Other Points

Downward references:  Currently there is a normative reference to a draft document (ietf-dnsop-5966bis), however that document has passed through IESG review recently and should have an RFC assigned.

IANA Considerations:

IANA was requests to add the following value to the "Service Name and
   Transport Protocol Port Number Registry" registry in the System Range for the TCP port.

Additionally, there is an IANA request to reserve the same port number over over UDP for the forthcoming proposed DNS-over=DTLS protocol draft-ietf-dprive-dnsodtls

    Service Name           domain-s
    Port Number            853
    Transport Protocol(s)  TCP/UDP
    Assignee               IETF DPRIVE Chairs
    Contact                Paul Hoffman
    Description            DNS query-response protocol run over TLS/DTLS
    Reference              This document

This is a *temporary* assignment and expires on 2016-10-08.