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Shepherd writeup

1. Technical Summary

This document describes an Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)
mapping for a key relay object that relays DNSSEC key material between
EPP clients using the poll queue defined in RFC5730. This key relay
mapping will help facilitate changing the DNS operator of a domain while
keeping the DNSSEC chain of trust intact.

This document is submitted for consideration as a Proposed Standard.
Ulrich Wisser is the Document Shepherd.
Barry Leiba is the responsible Area Director.

2. Review and Consensus

When first introduced this document didn't get much attention. After the
Honolulu meeting the discussions started in earnest. The most
controversial question has been the introduction of a new "relay"
command. At last the working group decided that a simple object that is
managed by the standard EPP commands would be the way to go. At the
meeting in Prague several attendees indicated that they will implement
the extension. 

The Document Shepherd did a thorough editorial and technical review of
the document, and resolved any issues brought up during WGLC. The
Document Shepherd does not have any concerns about the depth or breath
of the reviews.

3. IPR
Verisign Inc. has filed an IPR disclosing their patent on "Transfer of
DNSSEC Domains, US Patent Application No. :13/078,643". The working
group has not regarded this as a major problem.

4. Other

All EPP XML examples have been validated against the XML schema provided
in the draft by the Document Shepherd.

This document requests IANA to register a new XML namespace URI and the
XML schema for the namespace definitions. Additionally it requests IANA
to insert the document in the EPP Extension Registry.