Simple Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) Scheme for FECFRAME

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Comment (2012-12-19 for -05)
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Just one substantive comment (the first one). While I'm not
objecting, I'd like to understand why you haven't put in that

- p19, you have m=8 as the default, which is fine, but you only
say that that SHOULD be supported and used. That means that an
imlplementation could claim to conform to this spec that only
supported m=16 or some other value.  It would seem better to
say that m=8 MUST be supported by all implementations, esp.
since you imply that different methods will be used to
implement different m values. Is there a reason to not have
that MUST?

The rest are nits:

- abstract is terminology-rich, would be nicer if simplified.

- p5, "Some of them..." which "them"? (Same on p6)

- p11, it'd be nicer if L[x] was shown twice as wide as F[x] in
the simple FEC encoding diagram

- p12, would it be useful to say that the value of E in an SDP
has to be <2^16?

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